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Roadmaps A Complete Guide with Examples, Tools & Tutorials

For example, rearchitecting and re-platforming the backend transactions processing engine may be a multi-year endeavor. Or a plan to upskills IT workforce is typically not a one-year exercise. It is essential to understand the nuance of CIOPages.com definition of IT Strategy as it drives the components and contents of the IT strategic planning exercise. Get all your project stakeholders on the same page using this roadmap template. Business goal-setting frameworks like Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT analysis, or Ash Maurya’s lean canvas can help you audit your goals at that high level.

For example, a company anticipated growing by 20 employees in a year but increased by 35 employees instead. That changes their IT roadmap projection and goals, and it changes recommendations for new systems and technology to support that growth. It has separate grouping areas for each technology area and also incorporates service quality and trends.

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  • It’s an essential part of building both IT strategy for our clients and building relationships and trust with the clients themselves.
  • For teams that want to get really granular with the administration of their IT system, the timeline view (Figure 2.) is recommended.
  • Including goals in your roadmap allows you to show the «why» behind all of the detailed work.
  • Based on a change in the market, an initiative once deemed low priority suddenly becomes urgent.
  • Once you have covered all the steps above, you can then proceed to actually building your visual either by using a roadmap template or a dedicated roadmap tool.

This component of the product roadmap refers to the approximate timelines that product managers decide for product releases. Product managers can put these timeline details in the product management software like Chisel, and it will remind you of your deadlines. The use of a roadmap is to help reach the product strategy to the teams. And to communicate this strategy, product managers use product roadmap software to do this task.


This gives the team a chance to highlight areas of concern or ask for help if needed. Include time frames, dates, and milestones to show when the work will be delivered. You may want to differentiate between internal readiness and when the new functionality or update becomes available to internal or external customers.

The definition of an IT roadmap

It’s an ancient rarity to speak with the group, clients, and other venture partners. With guides, spry colleagues have a feeling of their excursion for the following 3-6 or even a year. By understanding this excursion, groups can more readily get their item’s development. Let’s assume we are product owners so we can define the roadmap as follows. A task guide is an extraordinary wellspring of data framing arranging, objectives, needs, and headway made over the long run.

Smartsheet’s Free Roadmap Templates

Below you’ll see 3 simple questions relating to your company’s technology infrastructure. If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, there’s no doubt that a technology roadmap could help you streamline your business operations and prioritize your internal teams’ workload. what is an IT roadmap Roadmaps allow all involved parties to evaluate the competitiveness of a strategy, raise issues and reveal gaps, correctly prioritize resource allocation, and set realistic targets based on market data. They provide the framework for interdepartmental collaboration.

The definition of an IT roadmap

It goes without saying that most modern businesses are built on a foundation of IT infrastructure. And you keep a tight grasp of that wide-eyed optimism for a full five minutes… before you’re thrown into a group chat with your newly appointed teammates. Shareability – the value of your roadmap goes beyond its presentation as it may act as a reference point for any decisions going forward. As such, it is important to allow the appropriate access permissions and expectations for how frequently it would be updated. Releases and milestones – stating when work will start and be delivered. Epics are the large categories of work that span multiple releases.

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Simply put, a strategy roadmap communicates your organization’s vision. Usually championed by senior-level stakeholders, strategy roadmaps focus on mission-critical business objectives, and usually emphasize long-term timelines and deadlines. Unlike product roadmaps, which often show which features and initiatives will be executed in the short-term, strategic roadmaps illustrate the long game. One of the most popular types of roadmaps is the product roadmap, and they’re instrumental to product management (it’s why we have an entire library of resources for product managers).

The definition of an IT roadmap

IT teams support the day-to-day work of nearly everyone in the organization — it is a huge responsibility. It means managing more requests for improvement than you can realistically deliver on. And it requires a deep understanding of what your users need, beyond what they ask for.

Who should use a Strategic IT Roadmap?

A project roadmap is a strategic overview of a company-wide operation. It can define the scope, deliverables, high-level scheduling, milestones, challenges, and risk factors. Project roadmaps are slightly less detail-oriented than project timelines. The primary concern is respecting the original deadlines and adjusting deliverables to meet them, when required. Vision – include information about the product’s business model, goals, personas, and competitors to place your strategic plans in the context of the broader product strategy and direction.

The definition of an IT roadmap

A roadmap is the high-level, visual representation of the lifecycle of a business initiative, complete with the end goal, steps to take and milestones to reach along the way. The roadmap is primarily used for the strategic planning of projects and the development of new products. Strategic planning is an essential part of managing projects or activities of any kind, and it’s especially important in implementing your business vision. A simple visual like a roadmap provides a clear overview of your strategic tasks and milestones and helps you define a long-term plan for reaching your goals. The Agile/Sprint roadmap is critical to present a strategic view of the development process for agile teams.

Lean Startup Concepts & How To Become A Lean Startup

This roadmap deals with improving an existing product line by adding new features. It is common for software products, designed to evolve while there is a changing idea of the vision behind the product. Also, evolution is a fundamental survival strategy in a competitive landscape, which is but yet another follow-through of customer perception. In addition, digital products are designed for successive editions, each next stage growing out and above the previous.

While details may be filled out by various teams, the core strategy development must be led by CIO or his/her designees. Assuming you are creating a 5-year or a 3-year IT strategy, then a yearly refresh or a rolling 3-year plan will be a great way to course correct. As economy changes, technology revolution accelerates, https://globalcloudteam.com/ enterprise IT Strategy cannot remain static. This portion of the IT Strategic Plan is all about ensuring buy-in. Typically, IT executives do roadshows to critical stakeholders and present them the game plan. After incorporating the feedback, a typical IT strategy and Implementation Roadmap is finalized.

Your IT roadmap is an honest discussion of where you see your company in the future and how your IT provider can help you get there. For instance, someone working in accounting may need different software and equipment than someone who works in customer service or operations. Using the wrong technology for your business can reduce productivity and efficiency. Your IT provider will gather information on your organization’s current hardware and software. Using a combination of specialized software and “boots on the ground,” they will find how many assets are in use and how old they are, alongside running a risk assessment.

Without roadmaps, every venture is a journey into the unknown and the risk of project failure grows higher. The product roadmap refers to the strategies and stages involved in the product management process. Product managers or other leaders create project roadmaps to understand the objectives, tasks, deadlines, and deliverables graphically. Product roadmap software helps them convey the visions and o objectives of the product to the teams. They can also share the relation of these product visions with the company’s bigger picture and other team members.

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A list of features alone will not capture or articulate the strategic thinking behind building a product in a specific way. Creating a valid product roadmap requires telling a cohesive story — showing how all of the themes, epics, and individual features will come together and result in a product that meets specific company goals. A strategy or sometimes called a strategic intent roadmap lays out the work ahead based on the strategic goals of the organization. This type of roadmap provides an excellent way to visualize your strategic plan.

We suggest a simple but effective process to define an IT strategy and document the plan. The second facet of an effective IT strategy and roadmap is how the IT department operates and minds its business. For obvious reasons, information technology is an enabling force that powers how an enterprise conducts its business operations. In this role, the technology strategy is primarily an outline of how IT intends to support business goals and strategy.

More and more marketing, IT and project-based teams are visualizing their strategies with roadmaps. Once your IT provider knows the technology at your disposal, they may recommend updating older systems. They will also create a timeline outlining when specific technology needs to be replaced for optimum efficiency.

Sometimes, you may need the entire project to be visible to all. At other times, you may need to oblige with confidential SLAs and set limited access to select personnel. Unforeseen issues may come up, such as a sudden change in the product vision or the team’s ability to deliver a solution. Thereby, the rest of the plan should be adjusted with the changed scenario, or for other similar alterations later on.

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This plan helps teams better grasp the requirements needed to reach the end goal and provides a clear path for the desired use case for the organization. Before getting into tactical planning, agree on the initiatives or large areas of work that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you call these initiatives, themes, or epics, it is crucial that you visually link them to the goals on your technology roadmap. Later, determine the detailed work that belongs to each initiative. When you connect goals with initiatives on your roadmap, your audience is able to see how your plans help advance your strategy.

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