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5 Reasons to Let Shame Go for Good Move From Shame Towards Addiction Recovery

Shame and guilt are natural emotions to experience if you’re struggling with substance abuse, but these feelings don’t have to hold you back from seeking treatment. By following the process above, it’s possible to overcome these feelings and set yourself on the path of recovery. Learn the difference between guilt and shame, the part these emotions play in the addiction recovery process and how you can overcome shame and guilt to improve your quality of life. Feeling ashamed of something that happened to you or something you did is completely natural. Although the emotion is something most people try to actively avoid feeling, the reality is it forms part of any fulfilled life, despite the discomfort felt while experiencing it.

  • It even gets more complicated here, Clint, because it’s not just being addicted.
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a loser or worthless, and start finding value in your thoughts, contributions, and presence.
  • At some point, people realize there are things they can control and things they cannot.
  • Medical professionals now agree that addiction is a disease.

The difference between guilt and shame is similar to the difference between justice and revenge. One strives to right a wrong, while the other tries to “get back” at a perpetrator. Here are 5 reasons to let go of shame for the good of your addiction recovery. Shame and guilt are often used interchangeably, guilt and shame in recovery but they don’t mean the same thing. When a person feels guilty, usually it’s because they regret a choice they’ve made or their behavior. Guilt is a remorseful feeling that can either motivate a person to correct the situation or cause them to act out negatively or irrationally.

Shame and Addiction

Guilt is an appropriate response to these revelations, but should not be clung to once apologies and amends are made. This is not a confrontational process; it is an honest process.

What is toxic shame syndrome?

Toxic shame is a feeling that you're worthless. It happens when other people treat you poorly and you turn that treatment into a belief about yourself. You're most vulnerable to this type of poor treatment during childhood or as a teen.

Steps Recovery is taking steps in the right direction. Talking with others with similar experiences can help you see how others have the same struggles, which often alleviates shame to a large degree. Welcome to The River Source, the place where new beginnings are created. We commend you for taking the first step in your recovery, and we want you to know that we are here for you. •If so, therapeutic intervention should aim to up-regulate guilt and down-regulate shame.

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But many still accept the traditional explanation that drug use is a result of moral weakness. Such a perspective would convince a user that their addiction is their fault.

guilt and shame in recovery

At Synergy Recovery, we can help you develop a deeper understanding of your feelings and learn how you can improve your self-worth. Our addiction treatment programs are individualized to provide you with the proper care to treat your addiction and the underlying causes. We offer medication-assisted treatment to help you detox from substances and individual or group therapy to give you the space to speak openly about your feelings. We can help you make the lifestyle changes necessary to help you overcome addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services.

Overcoming Guilt and Shame in Recovery

Drug rehab in Payson will make addiction recovery possible for you. Recovery is undoubtedly a challenging journey, but there are better things laid out for you at… This therapy gives clients the tools to cope with life’s problems.

Through treatment, you’ll learn how to develop positive thought patterns and change your perspective, helping you overcome addiction and uncomfortable thoughts. Constant shame may eventually lead to mental illness, including disorders like depression and anxiety, which is why many rehabs offer dual diagnosis treatment for their patients. At some point, people realize there are things they can control and things they cannot. Moving forward in recovery means letting go of the past and not holding onto addiction, the guilt of hurting people, or shame. This is a huge step forward in the right direction. To let go means to leave behind these feelings and start to think about a healthy perspective on life, free of shame and guilt for the past.

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